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Tracking feature requests in Help Scout

Written 5th September 2021

HelpScout is a popular customer support platform, and if you are using it to manage support cases for your SaaS business, it is quite likely that you are getting Mailbox and Beacon messages that contain customer feedback and product feature requests. Putting in place a process to handle these requests can be an easy way to keep your users happy.

What does a good process for tracking feature requests in Help Scout look like?

A good process for tracking feature requests from Help Scout should contain these ingredients:

  • Low friction for your team
  • Simple to spot recurring feedback and trends
  • Support segmentation so that you can focus on feedback from your most valuable user cohorts
  • Automatically close the loop and follow up with the users who requested features when you add information or ship their feature requests

Setting up a process for tracking feature requests in Help Scout

Implementing a process for managing feature requests with Noora will take you only a few minutes:

  1. Sign-up for your free 7 day trial of Noora
  2. Install our Chrome browser extension
  3. When you receive a message in Mailbox or Beacon that contains a suggestion or feature request, highlight the relevant part of their message and press Ctrl+Shift+Y or Command+Shift+Y. The Noora extension will open, with the relevant details and user contact information automatically filled in
  4. Save the feedback in Noora
  5. When you have an update or information from your product teams, simply reply in Noora and all of the Help Scout users who have requested the feature or given feedback will automatically receive an email

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