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The best choice for tracking feedback with Intercom

Noora is a product feedback management tool that integrates directly with Intercom, giving you powerful tools to uncover what to build next.

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Collect feature requests from Intercom Messenger.

Simply by adding the Noora app to your Intercom Messenger you unlock all of these powerful benefits:

  • Let your users request features without leaving your app.
  • Share a link to your public roadmap.
  • Show your users what you've been working on with changelog posts.

Measure revenue impact, not just votes.

Unlike less capable feature voting tools, Noora doesn't just show you the most popular ideas - dig into the data and unlock product areas that can impact the most revenue.

  • Create segments based on Intercom user and company attributes.
  • Use these segments to filter feedback down to the users that are most valuable.

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