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Success stories

Discover why companies around the globe love using Noora

"What we particularly love to see is when the users develop ideas amongst themselves, without any involvement from the team. It’s wonderful to see how different people’s minds work and which areas are most important or painful for them as they use our product. Noora has worked out brilliantly, on many different levels."

Nadia Odunayo
Nadia Odunayo
Founder and CEO at The StoryGraph

"We have come to depend more and more on Noora, as we explored its capabilities. For example, our public roadmap is now shared there, too. Support is always prompt and we feel lucky to have found Noora, as it gives our users a friendly way to get heard."

Slav Ivanov
Slav Ivanov
Co-Founder at Encharge

"We're a small team compared to our player base. With Noora it has definitely been a lot easier to prioritize feature requests and bugs after launching on Steam."

Niels Wetterberg
Niels Wetterberg
CEO at Invisible Walls, creators of First Class Trouble

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