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We take the security and privacy of your data on Noora extremely seriously. We understand the importance of keeping your data private and this page aims to outline how we strive to do this.


Noora uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all of our services. All customer data related services are hosted in the Frankfurt (EU Central) data centers.

Only a limited number of Noora employees have access to these machines, via key-based SSH login. We apply all system updates when they are available.


Noora uses MongoDB Atlas store your data. We back-up everything continuously to ensure your valuable data stays safe. Your data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany.

This data is only accessible by the same Noora employees who have access to our AWS servers. Your private data will never be accessed by our team except with your permission to resolve support requests.


Our entire services and servers are only accessible via encrypted HTTPS connections.

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If you have specific questions or concerns about Noora and security, please contact us at