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The all-in-one customer support platform

💡 Track feature requests and votes.
🏗️ Share your product roadmap.
📣 Announce product updates.
🙋 Answer questions and publish help docs.

Free 14 day trial. No credit card required. Cancel at any time.

See Noora in action

Embeddable widget

Install in-app or on your website, so that your users can interact in context.

Standalone portal

Direct your users to a public portal with your own branding, SEO and subdomain.

Feature requests

Learn what your users want you to build next

Allow your customers to make and vote on feature requests, to help you put your development efforts on the features that matter most. Re-use your existing user accounts so that you can prioritize requests based on who is making them. You can also gather requests from your existing tools such as Intercom.

Public roadmap

Share your future plans

Let your users know what is planned for the future by sharing a public roadmap. Roadmaps are automatically created by Noora based on the statuses you assign feature requests.


Post announcements and close the loop

Engage your users by publishing announcements when new features are released. You can easily link posts to previous feature requests from your users, and Noora will automatically follow-up with them to let them know their feedback was listened to.

Support tickets

Manage inbound support from a shared inbox

Embed a support widget in your app and on your website to allow your customers to get in contact with you. All support tickets can be managed from a shared inbox. Never let a conversation get lost in a private mailbox again!

Help docs

Reduce inbound support with built-in documentation

Craft engaging and useful help docs for your app, that are searchable within the support widget. Full HTML editing, including emojis and a Giphy integration make it easy to build out your help documentation.


Connect Noora with your existing tools with a single click.

Try Noora free for 14 days.

Free 14 day trial. No credit card required. Cancel at any time.