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How to start a customer advisory board

Last updated 21st January 2021

What is a customer advisory board?

A customer advisory board is a powerful way to understand what your existing customers would like to see improved with your product. Think of it as a way to get free advice from your power users - both for existing features, but also for validating future ideas. By bringing together power users, you can use their input to help drive valuable discussions about whether the ideas in your product backlog are really going to add the value you think they will.

What are the benefits of a customer advisory board?

Besides the benefit of learning what your customers think of your product and upcoming feature ideas, there is little more powerful than reading how your customers talk about your product and the value it provides. Their words can be used to fine tune your product messaging and marketing.

Tools for starting a customer advisory board

There are two stand-out tools for running a customer advisory board - UserVoice and Noora. These both have quite similar capabilities in this area, and we'd recommend them over a more fluid arrangement such as a Slack community.

To create a customer advisory board with Noora, it is as simple as creating a Private board and inviting the users that you want to take part. These users will then be able to read all of the topics and feature requests that you have posted about, as well as post their own thoughts and have discussions with other board members.

By keeping the notes from your customer advisory board together with the rest of your customer feedback, you can begin to build a clear picture of what to build next.

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