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How to communicate product changes to your users

Last updated 21st January 2021

Why is it valuable to communicate product changes to users?

Communicating product changes to users is an important way of building trust between the users and your company. It is a founding block of a healthy and long-term relationship with your users, and will help to reduce churn for SaaS businesses and others.

There are a few critical points at which it makes sense to communicate product changes.

Easing the reaction to change

Most humans don't respond well to change. By not taking your users by surprise, you can ensure that they begin to get used to product changes before they occur. If you simply release major changes to your platform, you'll get a large wave of complaints that will eventually die down. By informing users in advance, a large amount of the initial shock will dissapate before they even get their hands on the changes.

Increasing usage of new features

There's nothing worse than building a feature no-one wants. You should create some buzz for new features with your product updates, to increase the number of early adopters and help you to gather important insights and data from the their initial usage.

How to announce new product features to users

When writing new feature announcements, it is recommended to start with the value. What is the user need that the new feature is addressing? What is the benefit you're adding to their subscription? Once you've covered that you should begin with the how.

Tools to help you communicate product changes with users

There are two powerful tools you can use to communicate product changes with your users:

  • Public roadmap - this can be used to show your users what is on the longer term horizon.
  • A product changelog - communicate upcoming changes in blog articles, ideally that can be embedded in-app.

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