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Collect feedback and build better products

Noora is a customer feedback management tool that gives you a clear picture of what to build next.

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Step 1

Collect feedback from customers and your own teams

Collect, organize and manage feedback in one place. Stop forgetting feedback or juggling out-of-date spreadsheets, and start building a clear overview of what to build next. Our Chrome extension makes it a breeze to collect feedback from emails, Intercom, Slack and more.

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Step 2

Organize and understand the true needs of your users

Don’t just listen to the users that create the most noise. Discuss feedback with your users and team to drill down to their true needs. Filter, sort and group feedback based on different segments.

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Step 3

Align and prioritize your product roadmap

Let your customers and teammates know what is planned for the future by sharing a public roadmap. Roadmaps are automatically created by based on the statuses you assign feedback and feature requests.

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Step 4

Close the feedback loop with your customers

Engage your customers by publishing release notes and announcements when new features are released. You can easily link posts to previous feedback, and Noora will automatically follow-up with them to let them know their voice was heard.

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Connect Noora with your existing tools and workflows.

Jira Cloud

Link customer feedback to issues, and keep your development team in the loop


Collect feedback from your users via Intercom Messenger

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Send feedback to your Slack channels and share them with your teammates


Connect Noora to 1,000+ apps and services

Chrome extension

Collect feedback without leaving your browser

Start collecting feedback from your customers and teammates today.

Free 14 day trial. No credit card required. Cancel at any time.