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See where the value is, not the noise

Noora lets you aggregate monthly spend and company data, so you can dive into the features that will impact your most valuable users, not your most noisy.

No way to see the impact on revenue

You can only see feature requests sorted by the number of votes, which makes it easy to incorrectly implement features that your most valuable customers don't want!

Collect insights as well as feature requests

Noora gives you a powerful Chrome extension that lets you capture insights from your users when they email you or talk to you in your support tools. This is in addition to feature requests.

Only supports feature requests

Upvoty doesn't let you capture insights and feedback from emails, meaning you will have to rely on users giving you feedback in Upvoty.

Gives you true overview

Noora has a far more powerful overview of the feedback and insights your users have provided.

Doesn't scale beyond small companies

Upvoty doesn't provide a way to sort, filter and view all of the feature requests your users provide. You will be forced to export to spreadsheets.

Measure revenue impact, not just votes.

You can combine company and MRR data with the feedback from your users to determine which features are the most valuable to build next, and not simply the ones that the noisest users want.

  • See which companies users belong to.
  • See the total impact on revenue (MRR) for each insight or feature request.

Consolidate feedback from multiple channels.

Your interactions with customers across email, chat and support desks are consolidated into Noora, giving you a clear picture on any emerging feedback patterns.

  • Manually gather insights and feature requests from any source using our Chrome extension.
  • Let your users post feature requests.

Track feature requests.

Let your users and internal teams provide feature requests with Noora's feature request voting boards.

  • Users can vote on each others feature requests and ideas.
  • Ask for more detail and information in context.
  • Automatically update users as the status of each feature request changes.

Success stories

Discover why companies around the globe love using Noora

"What we particularly love to see is when the users develop ideas amongst themselves, without any involvement from the team. It’s wonderful to see how different people’s minds work and which areas are most important or painful for them as they use our product. Noora has worked out brilliantly, on many different levels."

Nadia Odunayo
Nadia Odunayo
Founder and CEO at The StoryGraph

"We have come to depend more and more on Noora, as we explored its capabilities. For example, our public roadmap is now shared there, too. Support is always prompt and we feel lucky to have found Noora, as it gives our users a friendly way to get heard."

Slav Ivanov
Slav Ivanov
Co-Founder at Encharge

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