Noora is the best Canny alternative

Canny is an expensive and inflexible feature request tracking app. Noora is a flexible, more fairly priced alternative.

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Why do people prefer Noora to Canny?



Custom statuses

Noora doesn't dictate the stages that your feature request process has. You can create as many statuses as you want.

Inflexible statuses

Canny forces you to use their fixed statuses.

Fair pricing

Noora has fixed priced plans starting from as little as $29. You are not charged per active user, so there is no need to waste time removing users to keep your costs low.

Gets expensive fast

Canny charges you per active user. This means for larger projects you can end up spending a lot of more than the already more expensive base $50 plan.

Markdown support

Noora lets you add markdown formatting to feature request posts, helping you to write beautiful feature requests.

Plain text

Canny forces you to use plain text, which restricts your ability to convey a feature request clearly.

Link changelog to requests

Noora lets you link changelog posts to requests from your users, so that they receive a more comprehensive update when you ship features they have requested.

Basic updates that confuse user

Canny sends a very basic email when statuses change, often confusing your end users.

Noora has everything you need to track feature requests.

Identify users

Connect feedback to your existing user accounts with Single-Sign On (SSO).

Custom statuses

Customize the statuses that each post can have.

Private boards

Lock down access to beta feedback or to particular key accounts.

Vote on behalf

Add feedback manually from e-mails or other customer interactions.

Internal notes

Communicate internally with your teammates on feedback.


Make Noora your own with your logo and brand colors.

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Collect feedback.

Gather feedback and feature requests from your customers and internal teams.

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Organize and understand.

Don't be guided by the loudest voices. By organizing and deep-diving into your feedback, you can understand the true pain points and needs of your users.

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Align and prioritize your product roadmap.

Show your customers what's being worked on now, and what's coming in the future.

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Close the feedback loop with your customers.

Let your customers know when the features they have been waiting for are released.

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Free 14 day trial. No credit card required. Cancel at any time.