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The best feature voting tools and software in 2022

Last updated 31st January 2022

Why use a feature voting tool?

Feature voting tools are a great way of collecting customer feedback about your product or business. With feature voting software, it’s really easy to build your product with the voice of the customer in your mind. The better options listed below also offer product roadmap and changelog software.

At a glance comparison

FeatureNooraUserVoiceProductBoardCannyUpvotyNolt.ioFeature UpVote
Feature voting
Let users vote on feature requests and ideas.
Anonymous feedback
Collect feedback from anonymous users.
User segmentation
Filter feedback based on user traits and properties.
Public roadmap
Show what you are working on.
Custom statuses
Customize the statuses on your roadmap.
Publish release notes and announcements.
Comparing the cheapest plan for each product.

Detailed look at each feature voting tool

1. Noora

Noora is not on the top of this list purely because we're the creators of it. We genuinely feel Noora offers the best value for money in the feature voting tools and software category in 2021. As with more expensive tools such as UserVoice and ProductBoard, we offer user segmentation and the collection of user feedback outside of simple feature requests. However, Noora does not compromise on design and retains a lot of the simplistic design of tools such as Canny.

A screenshot of Noora

Noora benefits

  • Most affordable option if you need more advanced features such as user segmentation.
  • Solid balance between ease-of-use and advanced functionality.
  • User segmentation - build groups of users based on properties such as their location, plan or revenue.
  • SEO support - your portal and changelog have full SEO support, and a sitemap is generated if you connect your own domain.
  • Light and dark themes.

Noora pricing

Pricing starts as low as $29/month, which makes Noora the most affordable option in this category of tools in terms of the number of features you will unlock at that price point.

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2. UserVoice

A screenshot of UserVoice

UserVoice benefits

  • Great for large Enterprises who can afford the hefty price tag.

UserVoice pricing

UserVoice does not publish their pricing on their website, but various sources indicate the pricing starts at $500/month and can even range as high as $15k per year. Of course, this price point is fine if you are a large Enterprise such as Microsoft (who use UserVoice for Teams, Excel and more). If you're a bit more price conscious you might consider one of the other tools in this list as far better value.

Visit UserVoice's website at

3. ProductBoard

ProductBoard stands out in this list, since it is a lot closer to being a project management tool when compared to the other products in this list. That said, it is possible to use ProductBoard to share a roadmap and gather feedback on specific ideas.

A screenshot of ProductBoard

ProductBoard benefits

  • Insights - as with Noora, you can collect quotes from your users.
  • Product heirarchy - you can create sub tasks and epics, which means ProductBoard has a more powerful backlog than the other tools in this list.
  • Prioritization scores - instead of simple voting, you can also create custom scores to decide which ideas are the most important.

ProductBoard pricing

Plans start at $25/month, although you are limited to a single contributor. To be able to link feedback to roadmap ideas, you'll need to hand over at least $60/month.

Visit ProductBoard's website at

4. Canny

Canny was one of the earlier entrants in to the feature voting tools category. They've built a simple, but highly polished feedback portal that a number of these tools are heavily inspired by. That said, the pricing is significantly higher than the competitors, and Canny has been quite resistant to implementing the most popular feedback from their users. This means that it is still not possible to customize your public roadmap if you choose to use Canny.

A screenshot of Canny

Canny benefits

  • Highly polished - Canny works well out of the box and is a mature product, that has been built well.
  • User segments - as with Noora, you can create user segments to dive into which parts of your userbase are suggesting features. This means you do not need to rely on vote count alone.

Canny pricing

Plans start at $50/month, although this is not a fixed fee. You will be charged based on the number of users that are active on your feature voting boards.

Visit Canny's website at

5. Upvoty

Upvoty is very similar to Canny, however, it is priced slightly cheaper. The lower price point comes at the cost of user segments and other more advanced features.

A screenshot of Upvoty

Upvoty benefits

  • Cheaper than Canny for a similar set of features.

Upvoty pricing

Plans start at $15/month, which makes Upvoty the closest to Noora in terms of pricing. However, they've recently increased the price of their other plans (which you'll need to pay for unless you are running a hobby project).

Visit Upvoty's website at


A screenshot of benefits

  • Sticks to its principles and remains a very lightweight and easy-to-install feature voting tool.
  • A dark theme. pricing

Plans start at $25/month per board, which is roughly 3 times the cost of Noora, despite only offering feature voting boards.

Visit Nolt's website at

7. Feature UpVote

Feature UpVote has been on the market since 2016, making it one of the more established simple feature voting tools.

A screenshot of Feature UpVote

Feature UpVote benefits

  • Very clear on what Feature UpVote is designed to do, so it does not suffer from feature bloat.
  • Possible to collect anonymous feedback, without setting up SSO or user accounts.

Feature UpVote pricing

Plans start at $99/month per board for the standard plan, which is roughly 3 times the cost of Noora, despite only offering feature voting boards.

Visit Feature UpVote's website at

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