How It Works

Track Feature Requests

By tracking feature requests from your users, you will be able to more easily understand whether you are working on the most valuable features.

Feature request voting boards.

Gather customer feedback and feature requests on public and private boards. Get an idea of which potential features your customers value the most based on the number of votes they attract.

Bring your own user accounts.

Generate Single Sign-On (SSO) tokens for your existing user accounts when embedding Noora boards onto your website or in your app. You can easily see all votes and other activity history for each user on their profile.

Everything you need to track feature requests.

Identify users

Connect feedback to your existing user accounts with Single-Sign On (SSO).

Custom statuses

Customize the statuses that each post can have.

Private boards

Lock down access to beta feedback or to particular key accounts.

Vote on behalf

Add feedback manually from e-mails or other customer interactions.

Internal notes

Communicate internally with your teammates on feedback.


Make Noora your own with your logo and brand colors.

Your customer feedback loop in Noora.

1. Track feedback.

Embed Noora in your app to gather feedback and feature requests from your customers.

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2. Build your roadmap.

Show your customers what's being worked on now, and what's coming in the future.

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3. Share what's new.

Let your customers know when the features they have been waiting for are released.

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