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Collect feedback from customers and your own teams

Noora makes it easy for your customers and internal teams to give you product feedback across multiple channels.

Consolidate feedback from multiple channels.

Your interactions with customers across email, chat and support desks are consolidated into Noora, giving you a clear picture on any emerging feedback patterns.

  • Manually gather insights and feature requests from any source using our Chrome extension.
  • Let your users post feature requests.

Track feature requests.

Let your users and internal teams provide feature requests with Noora's feature request voting boards.

  • Users can vote on each others feature requests and ideas.
  • Ask for more detail and information in context.
  • Automatically update users as the status of each feature request changes.

Measure revenue impact, not just votes.

You can combine company and MRR data with the feedback from your users to determine which features are the most valuable to build next, and not simply the ones that the noisest users want.

  • See which companies users belong to.
  • See the total impact on revenue (MRR) for each insight or feature request.

Get the full picture or dive into the details.

Noora brings together all of your feature requests into one view. No matter if you are collecting it manually or via feedback boards, you can get an overview of everything.

  • Filter by the users that requested the feature.
  • Filter requests by the users that voted for it.

Segment feedback for a deeper understanding.

Dig into the data and unlock product areas that can impact the most revenue, not just the most popular.

  • Create segments based on Intercom user and company attributes.
  • Add custom attributes with the Noora API.
  • Use these segments to filter feedback down to the users that are most valuable.

Bring your own user accounts.

Noora can automatically use your existing user accounts, so that you can easily identify which users are requesting features.

  • Easily prioritize features based on your most important users and customers.
  • No need for users to create another account just to give you feedback.

Everything you need to track feedback and feature requests.

Identify users

Connect feedback to your existing user accounts with Single-Sign On (SSO).

Custom statuses

Customize the statuses that each post can have.

Private boards

Lock down access to beta feedback or to particular key accounts.

Vote on behalf

Add feedback manually from e-mails or other customer interactions.

Anonymous feedback

Allow users to add feedback without leaving their contact email or creating an account.

Internal notes

Communicate internally with your teammates on feedback.


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