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Feedback Boards

Give your users a dedicated space to submit feedback and ideas, and allow them to upvote their favourites

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A preview of Noora's product feedback portal

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about feedback boards

A preview of collecting feature votes with Noora
A preview of collecting feature votes with Noora
A preview of collecting feature votes with Noora
A preview of collecting feature votes with Noora

What are the benefits of using feedback boards?

Feedback boards are a smart way to collect and organize customer feedback to help improve your product. By providing a dedicated space for customer feedback, you allow Product Managers to gain qualitative data about how your users feel about your product. It opens the door to deeper discussions to dig into use cases with power users.

How do feedback boards work?

Feedback board software lets you set up public and private boards where your users are invited to post ideas, suggestions and bug reports. Other users can then upvote and discuss these ideas together. Product Managers and other teammates can then use the comments feed to dig deeper to clarify the underlying use cases.

Are there any downsides to using feedback boards?

The only potential downside to feedback boards is that if a Product Manager relies solely on upvote count to determine what to build next, it is unlikely they will prioritize correctly. This is why it is important to connect feedback to the revenue impacted, as well as to ask clarifying questions to the users requesting new features.

What is the best feedback boards software?

Noora is a popular and affordable feedback board tool. You can try all of our features for free for 7 days.

All the features you need to collect user feedback

Noora provides all of the tools you need to collect user feedback and bring your customers closer to your product roadmap and changelog.


Feature upvoting
Comment likes
Private boards
Anonymous users
Custom domain
Single-Sign on (SSO)
SSO redirect
Embed in your product
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Custom CSS


Custom statuses
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Estimated dates
Notify users


WYSIWYG editor
Link to feature requests
Youtube integration
Loom integration
GIPHY integration


1000's of integrations
Invite teammates
Post and comment moderation
Vote on behalf of other users
Pin comments
Merge and move posts
Assign posts
API access
White labelling
Analytics dashboard

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