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A preview of Noora's product feedback portal

Product led companies use Noora to manage customer feedback

How product led companies benefit from using Noora

Collect product feedback from customers

Building the right features that your users will actually use is not an easy task. With Noora, you can gather and discuss feature requests and product feedback with your users.

  • Public portal where your users can vote on ideas
  • Powerful admin overview with all of your feedback in a single place
  • Automated follow-ups with users when admins ask for more information or provide updates
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Share what you are working on

Stop churning existing or future customers because they are waiting on a feature that you have planned for the future. Noora makes your product roadmap a retention and sales tool.

  • Share what you are working on with a simple, visual product roadmap
  • Customize the roadmap to match your own workflows
  • Connected to your feedback portal to make conversations with customers even easier
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Announce new features and product updates

Your users won't go looking for new features and bug fixes. Noora makes it easy to share release notes and announcements when new features are released.

  • Close the feedback loop with your users
  • Integrates with Youtube, Loom and Giphy to make your updates more interesting to read
  • Embeddable inside your website, SaaS or mobile app
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