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Best Trello roadmap alternative you can find

With Noora, you can share your public roadmap and get feedback without asking your users to create a Trello account.

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Noora: a focused alternative to Trello

Looking for an alternative to Trello for sharing your public roadmap and getting votes from your users? Here's the ultimate guide to Trello alternatives and competitors, with a particular focus on Noora.

Public product roadmaps

Both Trello and Noora let you share your public roadmap with the world, however, since Trello is at heart a task management tool there are clear downsides:

  • A Trello roadmap looks cheap as it is not hosted on your domain
  • Your users cannot vote on suggestions and ideas without first creating a Trello account
  • There is no easy way for users to add suggestions. You end up with a messy "Suggestions" card or a separate tool, which introduces yet more friction into your feedback process!

Noora on the other hand is designed from the ground up to be a customer feedback portal as well as a clean public roadmap tool.

Gather feature requests and feedback from a feature voting portal

Gather feature requests and feedback from a feature voting portal

Don't rely on your users having a Trello account

Noora allows you to re-use your existing user accounts and for anonymous users to vote and leave feedback. This will increase the volume of feedback you get. Hosting your public roadmap on Trello means that your users will need to create a Trello account to leave feedback. You won't be able to know which account they belong to, which will make it hard to assess the revenue impact of any feedback.

Noora also allows you to enrich your feedback data with user and business traits and properties to allow you to aggregate and analyze feedback to drill down into which potential product updates could drive the most revenue growth and retention. With Noora you can enrich customer data with your own back-end data or use our Segment integration to send your customer data to your Noora workspace without writing any code. You can then build powerful segments of your contacts, to dive into the details and see what your most important customers want.

User segmentation allows you to prioritize requests from your most valuable features

User segmentation allows you to prioritize requests from your most valuable features

Keeping customers engaged with product updates

Unlike Trello, Noora is a great tool for communicating product updates with your users, as well as asking clarifying questions around use cases when they request new features. The Noora changelog is designed to be another marketing and SEO tool for your business. By publishing product updates in Noora, you can also gain search traffic to your business and brand.

Publish changelog announcements when you release new features

Publish changelog announcements when you release new features


Noora can be trialled (we offer a 7 day free trial) immediately without needing to speak to one of our sales team, and with pricing starting as low as $9/month for bootstrapped companies.


Noora has integrations to the other tools that you are using. We connect to 1,000+ tools through our Zapier integration, as well as having bespoke integrations to Slack, Atlassian's Jira Cloud and Intercom.


Because Noora is a younger competitor, we are able to offer dedicated support and work actively with each of our customers to resolve issues and build the product according to their needs. Unfortunately, with Trello unless you are a company the size of Microsoft, you can expect your feedback to fall on deaf ears.

Migrating from Trello to another roadmap tool

However, if you are already using Trello at your company and looking to move to a more modern, dedicated solution, please reach out to us and we will help migrate your Trello data for you. If you're looking to collect feedback for an open source project or non-profit, we are also often able to accomodate you completely free of charge.

Switching to Noora from Trello? We've got you covered.

Customer feedback portal

Gather feedback from customers. Setup a feedback board for product ideas in minutes.

Public roadmap

Share your product roadmap with your customers. Adding product ideas from your customers to your product roadmap is an important step in the customer feedback loop.

Identify users

Connect feedback to your existing user accounts with Single-Sign On (SSO).

Custom statuses

Customize the statuses that each post can have.

Private boards

Lock down access to a private feedback board to a select client or specific partners.

Vote on behalf

Add feedback manually from e-mails or other customer interactions.

Internal notes

Communicate internally with your product teams on feedback.


Make Noora your own with your logo and brand colors.

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