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The best changelog tools and software

Last updated 12th January 2021

Why use a changelog tool?

Publishing your release notes with a changelog tool makes it easy to communicate the latest product updates and bug fixes that you have rolled out to your users. It is an efficient way to show that you are actively improving and adding value for your users.

You should require that your changelog tool gives you both standalone release notes and also an in-app embedded widget.

At a glance comparison

Monthly visitors
How many people can view your release notes.
Post reactions and feedback
Collect feedback on posts.
πŸ”œβœ… from $99❌
User segmentation
Publish posts to a limited segment of users.
πŸ”œβœ… from $99❌
Link posts to user feedback
Close the feedback loop by linking back to user feedback.
Custom categories
Customize the categories your posts belong to.
Category filtering
Users can filter on categories.
Push notifications
Notify subscribers when new posts are published.
πŸ”œβœ… from $99❌
Custom domain
Host your changelog on your own site.
βœ…βœ… from $99βœ…
Comparing the cheapest plan for each product.

Detailed look at each changelog and release notes tool

1. Noora

Noora offers the same changelog functionality as the other tools in this list, with the added benefit that you can also publish your product roadmap and gather feature requests from your users, at no additional cost. This makes it a worthy alternative to both Beamer and Headway.

A screenshot of Noora

Noora benefits

  • Most affordable option if you need more advanced features such as user segmentation.
  • Can tie your changelog to your public roadmap and user feedback.
  • SEO support - your release notes will have full SEO support, and a sitemap is generated if you connect your own domain.
  • Light and dark themes.
  • Want to learn more about how Noora changelogs work? Click here to read more.

Noora pricing

Pricing starts as low as $9/month, which makes Noora the most affordable option in this category of tools in terms of the number of features you will unlock at that price point.

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2. Beamer

A screenshot of Beamer

Beamer benefits

  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Allows you to collect user feedback and reactions, although this requires the $99 per month Pro plan.

Beamer pricing

Beamer has a very limited free plan, so for a fairer comparison we have looked at the $49/month Startup plan. Unfortunately, even at that price point, you need to fork out closer to $99 a month to unlock features such as user segmentation and custom domains.

Visit Beamer's website at

3. Headway

Headway is a very simple changelog app to get started with. However, there is no possibility for users to interact with you via the changelog or to subscribe to updates. This is a big drawback compared to Beamer and Noora. In addition, there have been very few updates or additions to the platform itself, so don't anticipate getting additional value from your $29 per month.

A screenshot of Headway

Headway benefits

  • Very clean and simple design.
  • Transparent pricing.

Headway pricing

Headway has a limited free plan, but keeps things simple by allowing you to unlock features such as custom domains for a flat-rate of $29 per month.

Visit Headway's website at

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